Random thoughts, observations, and works in progress.

Welcome, Welcome!


Hi, I'm Julia! Welcome to my corner of the web. This site houses a collection of work from my 9-5 as well as passion projects that I've pursued on my free time. This blog will feature works in progress, reflections, and maybe occasionally something worth reading.

I've worked in the design industry in a variety of capacities since earning my Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in 2008. Whether holding down the fort as the sole designer at a boutique firm doing 150 sites a year, designing traditional media in-house with Pennsylvania Ballet, starting up a freelance practice serving non-profits and small businesses in the Denver metro area, or helping to professionalize the design department at a growing digital agency in my adopted hometown of Boulder, I've tackled every role with enthusiasm to learn and drive to contribute.

I'm passionate about communication. As a message evangelist, I love to work with whichever medium will convey the idea most effectively. I'm currently focusing my energies on educational tools, infographics, and data visualization. Stay tuned for snippets of upcoming projects!

Julia Renn